Asian GOP Broward Chapter took a group of Asian American College and high school students to the 2017 Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach this week.  The event was a big success, both we and the students learned a lot.   

This is what some of the students had to say:

Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit was an amazing opportunity for students to interact with like-minded conservatives and to explore different perspectives on issues important to Make America Great Again. There was so much energy and excitement at the Convention Center and with nearly 3000 student participants and brilliant speakers; it’s truly an experience of a lifetime. Anyone who cares about the future of our country should attend!

I am not afraid of being a lonely soldier any more!  I found a family; we are the future of the USA, please join us!  As one, we can form the army of justice, we can defeat the liars and corruption.

Our teenagers are curious about the outside world and eager to learn, but sometimes we are easily misled. During the past four days, I feel that I became part of a movement; my path to the future is enlightened.

Jia Xin:
This is my first time attending an activity of this kind.  It’s really exciting.  I really do think it’s a good opportunity for me to understand what is happening in the country.

The Student Summit was great! The speakers did a fabulous job and sounded like they had recited the speech many times it was easy for them. It altered the way that I think about certain topics, for example, fossil fuels and criminal justice laws. One of the things that really stood out to allow me to better understand their points were the videos that were put together expertly. I thank all the speakers who took time to speak to us.

After attending USA's Student Action Summit I learned a lot from each speaker, but mainly from Charlie Kirk and Judge Jeanine. For example Charlie gave really good tips such as staying calm when a person taking to you has a more aggressive approach, and Judge Jeanine really taught me to stay true to myself no matter who tries to put me down. I highly recommend others to attend this event because in the end I learned things  I wasn't aware about and it really is an eye opening experience!