Participants: (In Alphabetical Order)
Yanhua Foley, Daojun Hauptman, Juliana, Andy Shi, Zijing Short, Xiaoqi Wang, John Zhao, Chong He, 

Follow up last meeting:
1.    BREC member registration is in process.

Current meeting:
1.    Zijing Short completed BREC member application form and voter’s     registration form. Have all applications notarized and send to BREC, Contact     Cliff Li for BREC member application, (Daojun Hauptman)
1.    Membership Drive: 
       a.    Will adopt Asian GOP IT tools for membership drive. (all)
       b.    Set up a membership goal for each member: 10 new members. (all)
2.    Fundraising 1/26 Safari Ball
       a.    Wechat AD, (all)
       b.    Newspaper AD: will talk to Qian Zou, (Xiaoqi Wang)
       c.    Will contact high-end tour agencies. (all)
3.    Planning January community meeting on Tax reform and Health care
       a.    Goal: membership, voter’s registration, fundraising
       b.    Event Planning: (Zijing Short)
       c.    Contact Speakers: (Daojun Hauptman)
4.    House keeping: 
       a.    Membership list, BREC member list, voter’s registration (Daojun Hauptman & Yanhua Foley)

To be addressed at future meeting:
1.    Membership fee 
2.    Chapter registration: Club Bylaws; application form (Cliff Li &Xiaoqi Wang)
3.    Each member’s action plan
4.    Work with Asian American Volunteer Torch Bearer Club