Robert Sutton, Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee

Chapter Members (In Alphabetical Order) :  

Yanhua Foley, Daojun Hauptman, Chong He, Jay Narang, Andy Shi, Xiaoqi Wang, Cindy Yang, Min Yang, John Zhao


       1.      Yanhua Foley, Andy Shi, MinYang, John Zhao, Chong He completed BREC member application forms.

               Daojun Hauptman will have all applications notarized and send to Robert Sutton.

         2.      Everybody signed the Tax Reform Petition.

       3.      Robert Sutton discussed:

a.       Club registration process:

b.      BREC member roles;

c.       Broward County Republican Party on current situation;

d.      Broward County Republican club activities.

e.       Future White House visit.